modeling: Classic looks, modern expression.

Modeling is an art -- a creative means of expression. Polychromatic Studio provides artistic and modern high-end modeling photography in the Reno - Sparks area.

Vintage Coquette.

Vintage Coquette.

If you are looking to start a modeling portfolio or expand an existing one, Polychromatic Studio can provide a concept that best reflects your individuality and beauty. Every concept is unique because every personality is unique -- modeling strives to be creative, not imitative.

For questions, inquiries, and to learn more about our creative and artistic philosophy, please visit our About & Contact page. 

Natural Light, Natural Beauty

Artistic and elegant, natural light portraits convey natural beauty. Northern Nevada provides a distinct look throughout the seasons -- from spring flowers to autumn leaves, our high desert climate allows for a variety of looks and colors unique to our area. A natural light session guarantees your portrait will be unique -- we provide a variety of locations, each with their own natural look and flair. Natural light modeling sessions begin at $150. Hair and makeup services can be provided for an additional $50.

Concept & Couture

Studio sessions bring both unlimited creativity and elegant drama -- with studio space provided by Studio Inspire, Reno's premier creative space, a full studio session brings a touch of class and professionalism to any portfolio. Studio sessions include both indoor natural light and full studio lights, as well as access to a wardrobe of over 500 unique pieces, ranging from vintage to modern couture. Sessions begin at $200. Hair and makeup services can also be provided for an additional $50.