MARKETING and Paid Internship Opportunities

Polychromatic Studio has several commission-based marketing/sales positions and internships available. These are ideal for self-motivated individuals looking for additional income as well as those interested in creative and professional photography, the fashion industry and/or modeling. The positions are designed to be entirely flexible — no set hours, and work according to your own schedule. If desired, you will also have the opportunity to learn about photography and marketing, and expand your own professional network. We are looking for individuals willing to work as part of a close-knit, professional team. These are commission based positions — make a sale via pitch or referral, and receive 25% (1/4) of the booking fee. This opportunity is perfect for students looking for additional income and real-world experience in the photography, fashion and beauty industries.


Q: What does Polychromatic Studio do?

A: Polychromatic Studio is a two-person local photography business located in Reno, NV. We are absolutely non-corporate; we are independent photographers that provide photography services for the Reno-Sparks area. We specialize in fashion, modeling and commercial photography, although we also cater to individuals, families and couples (weddings, modeling, engagement, family, graduation/senior portraits). We are currently seeking individuals who can effectively work as marketers and brand ambassadors to add to our clientele. Simply put, if you can identify and land a sale, you will get a percentage of that sale. If you are interested, please familiarize yourself with the rest of the site using the links at the top of this page to get a better understanding of the work we do and what we're about.

Q: What types of skills and qualifications do I need?

Self-motivated (you will often be working autonomously and responsible for identifying potential clients on your own, rather than being given direct tasks daily); excellent communication skills, both in writing and in-person; reliable and dependable. Sales experience or the ability to make sales. Strong people skills. Experience in the photography or beauty industry (salon experience) a plus. High school diploma required, some college preferred, ideally with studies in one of the following areas: Business, Communications, English, Journalism, Psychology.

Q: What types of clients would I be pitching or referring?
A: You would be pitching to those you felt would benefit from professional photography services. Primarily, this falls into two categories: individual services, and small businesses. Individual services would include things like senior portraits, engagement/couple sessions, professional portraits, corporate headshots, athletes, models, artists and musicians, family portraits, etc. Small businesses include locally-owned businesses that would benefit from photography for website, social media, advertising, look books, and simply those looking to expand their commercial presence. Salons, restaurants, boutiques, vintage stores, yoga and dance studios — places like that.

Q: What is the best way to make a pitch?
A: You will work with independence, but you will always be prepped before approaching a client: we would go over the different packages and price points that could be offered and develop approach strategies.

Strategies differ and you are encouraged to develop your own style. Many clients may potentially be people you already know and that is a good place to start — a friend who’s recently become engaged, or the owner of a boutique or salon you frequent, or a friend who needs a professional headshot for work. Starting within your own network allows you accessibility and familiarity with a client — you already know them, so they’re easier to approach.

For small businesses, you would identify the value and purpose. Many small businesses have lackluster photography on their sites and social media pages, including many salons and boutiques. Polychromatic Studio would provide imagery that could be used in their own advertising materials or presented online (on their own site or via social media) that would promote their brand. When researching a small business, always visit their site and social media pages. If they could use better photography, they would be a good business to approach.

The Three Types of Marketers:

The Analyst. You understand that sales is a numbers game; not every pitch is guaranteed, so you understand the best way to improve your numbers is to increase the number of contacts you make. You are a strong writer, so most of your strategy involves looking up local businesses and writing a marketing email specifically tailored to the business owner.

The Go-Getter. You like being out and about. You understand that sales is about understanding people, and you know how to communicate value to a potential client. You are comfortable introducing yourself to a small business owner, and you are always keeping an eye out for other potential customers.

The Networker. You know a lot of people and you're well connected socially. Maybe you're part of a community, organization or group you think would benefit from professional and/or artistic photography, such as a sports team, sorority, or church group. You are already thinking in your mind several networking possibilities.

Q: How many hours (work expectation) and how much can be made?
A: This is a completely flexible position, so this is up to you. What matters are results, not the amount of time it takes to get results. If it takes you fifteen minutes to book a $1000 wedding, you will receive $250 for fifteen minutes of work. Normally for commercial clients, a recommended pitch would involve introducing yourself to the owner in person and perhaps following up via email. For personal contacts, it can be as quick as sending a few messages or texts. Whatever strategy works best for you is the one you should choose. You would identify potential clients from your own network, and we would also work together to identify new clients, although you would always have the option to work only the clients you wanted to. You would earn 1/4 of each completed sale.

While rates can vary and are sometimes negotiable, example rates would be: graduation/engagement/modeling/senior portrait sessions would be $200 (your take, $50); commercial projects generally begin at $300 (your take, $75); and weddings begin at $500 (your take, $125).

There are also flexible pricing options when groups are involved. This is an ideal way to increase your income potential while minimizing the cost for the client. If you or someone you know is involved with a team or group, and you booked a sale which led to 40 portraits, we would reduce the price for each individual portrait while increasing the overall sale. Thus, while each member might only be paying $50 for a couple of portraits, the overall sale could reach $2000 (your take, $500). As long as you land the contract, you will receive full value. The same would apply for any type of group where a number of clients would be involved.                                                                                                                                                                               

Q: What else would be involved besides sales and referrals?

A: This would be your option. If you only have time to make a few pitches here and there and nothing else, that is perfectly fine. We ask you to dedicate at minimum a few hours per week, although results are what matter most. We also ask that you are available to communicate regularly and reliably with us as needed (via email, messaging or phone). If you would like to be more involved and are interested in learning photography firsthand you would have the option to learn both technical aspects and creative theory. You will also learn the business side and have the opportunity to assist or shadow on set. You will be able to expand your network with other creatives locally and build real-world business experience.

Q: I'm interested; what now?

A: If you've made it to the end of this page and are interested, please send an attachment of your resume, links to relevant social media profiles (Facebook, Instagram), and a cover letter explaining 1): why you would like to work in the photography and/or beauty industry; 2) why you, specifically, would be a good choice for this position; and 3) a potential sale you think you could make. Applications should be emailed to Include your name and the word "Application" in the subject header. If we think you may be a good fit, we will contact you within three business days to arrange a potential interview.